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What is BaitGod

What is BaitGod?! Why should I care?! How does it relate to me?!

BaitGod is not here to become the new trend. We have all seen trends come and go. BaitGod is way more than just some cool trend and deserves its place in our everyday culture. Trends can be seen as a way of keeping up with the Joneses. BaitGod places its focus on people in general. Regardless, of your race, your background, and your status in life, whatever position you hold in the world BaitGod relates to you.   It's a way to live and to view life. It's a way to accept the challenges of everyday we face daily.

We took the concept of fishing and applied it to everyday life. We were able to realize that we all fish in some form or another. The connection here is that we exist in a world that causes us to fish for something!  BaitGod is more than just some wake up at the crack of dawn and having “I’m going fishing” frame of mind. We all have goals right? We all have things that we want to accomplish in life right? We all want attention from a certain someone or if we are going off today’s standard certain someones right?  We all want to be seen and viewed in a certain light right? And we all are given opportunities every day to sell or to be sold something right? Right! Therefore, it is safe to say that we are all trying to attract something on some level. BaitGod is having a can-do attitude toward life. In any given situation, you can have a want it outcome. Hence, the BaitGod slogan “the world is your pond what are you fishing for?!


BaitGod is branded and back by life experiences. It has been proven over and over again to be relatable to anybody.  BaitGod is here to provide a sense of empowerment. We are all about positive energy. We focus on giving positive energy so, that we may in return receive positive energy. Everybody deserves to have a sense of confidences in themselves to attract what it is they desire. “The world is your ocean, have fun fishing!”



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